Connecting parents, students and community.


Engage, Enrich, Enlighten = SUCCESS


Bellevue BPS PTSA will be a bridge between teacher, parent, student for the enrichment of every student’s learning. 



Encourage and promote parent volunteer participation at school and PTSA activities.

Create an environment in which families feel connected to the Big Picture Community and inclusive to the PTSA. Encourage PTSA board members to be proactive, attend PTA meetings, complete appropriate PTA training, and be abreast of the latest Council and state wide PTA issues. 

 Support Advisors/Staff

Support teachers through grants, faculty appreciation, provide Advisory Room Parents, invite them to meetings (teacher liaison), and increase communication to better understand their issues and needs.

Facilitate Volunteering Throughout the School Support Student Programs 

Encourage student participation in the PTSA, provide support to student socials, assist in the development and running of student clubs, and provide additional assistance for enrichment as needed. 


Maintain accurate, timely and consistent communications with parents, teachers, students and community through the PTSA website, newsletters, and emails. 


Keep fundraising appeals at appropriate level to match the financial needs of the PTSA and the interests of the students and families.