2nd Semester Fundraising Kickoff!

Hi Big Picture Community!

As we kick-off the second semester we want to recommit to the vital support our PTSA community provides to our students and teachers. While it is difficult to tell what the next few months will hold, we know that they will be full of learning opportunities, interesting projects, and virtual experiences that will enhance student learning and connectedness. Our PTSA community will be essential in helping the school provide those opportunities through donations given to support our Grant Program which in the past has provided funding for, among other things, waffle making, treehouse exploring and theatre appreciating.

We moved our traditional Fall direct-donation campaign to the Spring to have a better sense of the needs of the school and have set a fundraising goal of $15,000 donated in the month of February. Donating to the Big Picture PTSA is the most direct way to support our students and staff members with the extra resources they need to do amazing things. We know that this year we won't be learning ratios through waffles, but the PTSA is committed to helping our teachers find those fun extras to enhance student learning and then making sure it happens. Funds will be distributed through direct requests from teachers and staff members to the Grant Committee – no hurdles or messy red tape – just your donations going to where they will have the most impact for our students.


Please consider donating here:

Donation Link

Donation Link for Guests


Thank you to all of you who donated in the Fall when you renewed your memberships and through your workplaces – those donations have allowed us to provide goodies for the staff and students this Winter while supporting the PTSA General fund.

 We look forward to supporting our community with you!

Malinda Elien, fundraising chair, parent of Zoe – 6th, and Emily – 9th

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