Bellevue Schools Foundation & Your PTSA: the Best Combination

Thank you for supporting high-quality education for every Bellevue student by supporting both your school PTSA and Bellevue Schools Foundation. With parent support, the Foundation invests upward of $1 million annually in innovative programs that benefit every Bellevue student, like STEM, Computer Science, early literacy intervention, and volunteers in our Bellevue schools (VIBES). Every Bellevue student benefits. The Foundation funds districtwide programs while PTSA provides funds for individual school-based programs as well as student advocacy. Both are vital to take public education from basic to BEST!  

Watch for exciting things happening at your school because of PTSA- and Foundation-funded programs—we’ll be sharing stories of your impact throughout the year, because when we all work together, education is transformed from basic to BEST. Learn more about which programs are made possible by Bellevue Schools Foundation donors at our website.